Practice Harmonizing Wherever, Whenever.

With Harmony Helper, you can master harmonies on your own while receiving real-time feedback on critical factors like pitch, vibrato, tempo and amplitude. Simply put, you’ll be able to practice your part without anyone else in the room, so that you have greater confidence when you walking into your next rehearsal.

It’s the educational music app that makes learning harmonies fun.

Customize practice sessions by changing the volume of vocal parts on the fly

Get real-time feedback on pitch as you harmonize

Listen back to your vocal harmony

Use visuals to find and keep your part in the harmony

Coming Soon: Record Harmonies to Practice

Coming Soon: Collaborate on harmonies

Harmony Helper makes it easy to practice harmonies outside of rehearsals.

Our mission is to make it easier to harmonize no matter where you are. Using our layered recording technology, you’ll be able to record one part of a song and send it to friends to add theirs. Together you can create beautiful harmonies without being in the same room at the same time.

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Harmony Helper’s key features make it easy to practice harmonies on your own, no matter your skill level. From beginners preparing for their first audition to professionals focused on a particularly challenging harmony to band leaders looking for a better way to practice tunes on the go, we’ve got you covered.

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Audio Layering

Listen to your voice layered on top

Real-Time Feedback

Improve as you go

Share Harmonies

Share songs your group needs to practice

Take Lessons

Lessons created by experts

Multiple Levels

Lessons get more advanced as you go

Personalized Experience

Customized to your vocal type and range

Meet Our Founder

Andrew Goren Harmony Helper Founder

Andrew Goren

Founder + CEO

A passionate, musical theatre actor, Andrew Goren has been on a quest to develop the perfect way to learn and sharpen his own ability to harmonize. He was not always able to meet with his voice coaches and music teachers as he prepared for auditions and shows. He always searched for a way to bring the coaching to him rather than him to the coach. That search drove him to develop Harmony Helper.

Backed by an all-star lineup of singers, voice coaches and music theorists.

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