The App: A Singer’s Best Friend

Harmony Helper utilizes multiple patented technologies to provide singers with a 24/7 digital rehearsal room, simplifying the process of practicing harmonies on your own anytime, anywhere, regardless of skill level.

Our patented pitch-tracking algorithm provides real-time personalized feedback as you sing. Part volume controls make it possible to listen and train however you want, yet we also offer an expert-backed 5-step Approach to Learning and Holding Harmonies so that you can improve your method as well.

For some vocalists, harmonizing is so second nature that it’s hard to teach or even describe. The lucky ones grew up singing with siblings or other family members or in local choirs since before they could walk. They don’t remember learning how to find and hold harmonies; it just happened. For the rest of us, practicing and performing harmonies leaves us feeling frustrated, embarrassed, and lost. The worst thing about it is that there has been no easy way to practice harmonies effectively outside of the rehearsal room, until now.

Andrew Goren Harmony Helper Founder

Our Founder: Musical Theatre Actor

Andrew Goren is the founder and CEO of Harmony Helper. As a passionate musical theatre actor, Andrew has been on a quest to develop the perfect way to learn and sharpen singing and harmonizing abilities. With over 10 years of singing/performing experience, his unique insights and vision have led to the creation of the amazing and elegant Harmony Helper app. With his leadership, Harmony Helper is helping singers of all kind effectively practice and improve singing performance anywhere, anytime, removing traditional rehearsal barriers so singers can deliver their best performances.

The Team: Tech + Music Nerds

We’re a team of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds who believe that music is essential to a good life. Some of us have performed on the stages of professional theaters and venues, others only in the privacy of our kitchens and cars. Some harmonize on stage at rock shows and others prefer to be just one voice among thousands of singing fans. We’ve made it through many high-pressure auditions and coached others on how to do the same. Some of us sing with our families on Sunday mornings and others with friends way past midnight. We’re playlist obsessives, techies, creatives, PhDs, entrepreneurs, voice coaches, and supporters of the arts.

We’re unique people with one shared vision: to develop the best app out there for learning, sharing, and creating vocal harmonies. Our goal is to make the learning process fun, but at the same time believe that the real fun comes when the hard work pays off. Everyone, from beginners to professionals, should feel confident stepping into the spotlight after using Harmony Helper.

Harmony App at BroadwayCon