Practice Harmonizing Anytime, Anywhere.

It’s often said that you can’t control whether you get the gig, but you can control how prepared you are. Harmony Helper makes it easier to practice  vocals on your own, receiving real-time feedback on pitch and timing as you sing. You’ll be able to practice your part without anyone else in the room, and walk into your next rehearsal with confidence.

It’s the educational music app that makes learning harmonies fun.

Better practice sessions

Easy playback and record and flexible volume controls allow you to hear your vocal performance, and listen to the song in different ways.

Feedback when you need it

Our patented pitch tracking algorithm provides real-time feedback on your timing and pitch.

Expert guidance

Our 5-Step Approach to Learning and Holding Harmonies equips singers with the tools necessary to tackle even the most complex songs, so  you can walk into every live performance or rehearsal prepared.


Harmony Helper’s key features make it easy to practice harmonies on your own, no matter your skill level. From beginners preparing for a first audition to professionals working on a Broadway show to band members looking for a better way to practice vocals, we’ve got you covered.

Real-time feedback on your performance

Our patent-pending pitch tracker visualizes your pitch and timing as you sing

Vocal Part Volume Controls

Hear the song in a multitude of ways using volume controls for vocal parts, metronome, and accompaniment.

Guided Approach to Learning

It’s not about allowing you to practice that one song, it’s about teaching you how to approach any vocal harmony or part with our 5-Step Approach to Learning and Holding Harmonies.

Easy Record and Playback

Listen to the song whenever and wherever you want, and then step into a quiet room to practice your vocal. Harmony Helper’s your mobile rehearsal room.

Backed by an all-star lineup of singers, voice coaches, and music theorists.

The more I learn about how useful the app is, the more indispensable I think it is. I work each year with hundreds of young actors in our Education programs – especially our Summer Conservatory and New Voices Concert. This app will solve a myriad of logistical issues while giving the students the confidence they need to master their music. In addition, it’s fun. What could be better than that?

Mark Hoebee

Producing Artistic Director, Paper Mill Playhouse

Harmony Helper is a great tool for anyone who has to sing with an ensemble. The best way to rehearse a group song is with all the harmony parts singing at once, but too often I find myself having to rehearse alone. Not with this app! It allows me to collaborate with my peers from home, making me more confident in the rehearsal room.

Matt Mastronardi


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